Our Such Vastly Experienced Team will also provide Consultancy to various Private & Govt organizations for Meeting the Compliances of Products as per the Norms of International And National Standards Authorities‐:

  • Establishment of various concepts of Testing facilities such as Mobile Testing Facilities, Microbiology Labs for Food & Drug, BSL Labs such as Covid Testing Labs, Analytical Labs, Chemical labs, Diagnostic Labs Etc.
  • Product compliances and approval from FSSAI and CDSCO for any food and drug testing kits and import and consultancy services for import and export of food itemsin accordance with FSSAI norms
  • Mobile Testing facilities
  • Cleanroom facilities for labs
  • Microbiology labs for food and drug testing
  • Turnkey solutions for chemical labs
  • BSL Labs (for Covid testing lab)
  • BSL Labs (for TB Labs)
  • Turnkey solutions for Analytical labs
  • Woolen & Textile Machineries

FSSAI Related Services

  • Food Labeling & Claims
  • Food Establishment, Registration & Licensing
  • Product Approval
  • Assistance of Food Import
  •  Product Compliance in accordance with FSSA
  • Product testing & shelf life of food assistance

Food Safety Training and Certification

FSSAI or Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has initiated a new program called FoSTAC (Food Safety Training and Certification). This is a government‐initiated training program to guide various enterprises in the field of hygiene and food standards.

Healthy Supplements

Superfood, Nutracenticals, Diet Supplements Powders, Beverages, etc

Research and Development Services