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ARF Lifesciences LLP is a pioneering organization focused on innovating and developing indigenous Diagnostic and Testing Products. Committed to the “Make in India” initiative, we ensure all our products are duly validated and approved by Indian and International Regulatory Bodies, ensuring their suitability for public use in India and abroad.

ARF Lifesciences LLP Products

Rapid Antigen testing kit for COVID ‐ 19

This test is only for clinical laboratories, medical institutions use and for real‐time inspection by professional medical…

VTM kit for RTPCR Test Kit

The viral transport medium consists of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution modified and enriched with bovine serum albumin, amino acid, gelatin peptone…

Rapid Malaria Test Kit

Rapid test kit for malaria detect antigens or antibodies in the serum, plasma or blood through the use of species‐specific complementary markers…

Rapid Test kit for Dengue Ns1 Antigen

Dengue NS1 Antigen FP is a rapid solid phase immuno‐ chromatographic test for the qualitative detection of Dengue…

Rapid Test kit for

Now get quick results at home with the rapid test kit for Pregnancy that comes with 99% accuracy.

Rapid Hepatitis B Test Kit

HBs Ag test is intended for qualitative detection of HBs Ag (Hepatitis B virus antigen) in human serum / plasma as an aid of HBV diagnosis.


A Graduate Medical Professional and CEO for a 60 Year Old Company specialized for Developing and Executing Laboratory & Testing Facilities for last few Years is having a vast experience of Executing various Projects for Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India and is also a Consultant for Various Laboratories for Food & Drug in India and has Been closely working with Regulatory Authorities for Food ,Drug and other Commodities for Product Approvals and Validation as per the latest Norms & Guidelines

How the Business is Technically Innovative and will Create


As per our Mission, We and Our Empaneled Team of Highly Experienced and Qualified Scientists, Senior Technical Experts and National Auditors have successfully developed Few Products such as IVD Kits including Rapid Testing Kits and associated Products for COVID and Few Food Testing Kits which are under Validation and Approvals which will be a revolution in testing and previously were imported by Indian Authorities but we will develop and manufacture under AATMNIRBHAR BHARAT and Make in India initiative and all our products also will be available for sale to general Public in India And Abroad also

Few of Our Products to be Developed and manufactured are mentioned below:


Invitro diagnostics kits such as Covid Related Testing kits, dengue, TB and other diagnostic kits, medical devices, consumables, other products


Drug testing kits, Certified Reference Materials (CRM) & Standard Reference Materials (SRM),


Food safety testing kits like Milk Testing, Salt testing, Rice testing, etc.


Research & Development, manufacturing, trading, import & export and consultancy services

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